City Mayor Says Shen Yun ‘Surely touches our hearts and souls’

March 25, 2014 Updated: April 6, 2014

TAOYUAN, Taiwan—“Shen Yun is truly magnificent. It surely touches our hearts and souls. What’s more, it is a positive force in the society,” said Su Jia-min, city mayor of Taoyuan which lies on the outskirts of the capital city of Taipei.

Mayor Su was enthralled by how Shen Yun brought to life a true reflection of the ancient Chinese culture. “I was told that this is the eighth year that Shen Yun makes a stop in Taiwan [on its global tour.] But, it is only the fourth year for the city of Taoyuan to host the performance. The performance is simply magnificent. The dance, how flexible those dancers, the ancient Chinese arts and culture, everything is portrayed in its true form. So, whenever [Shen Yun] comes to Taoyuan, I will definitely go to see it,” Mayor Su said.

“Such a wonderful performance, without doubt, can bring real peace not only to our hearts, but also to our minds at the same time fostering harmony among people. I sincerely wish that Shen Yun, such a wonderful performance, will come to Taoyuan every year,” Mayor Su added.

Mrs. Su had her heart set on the perfect fusion between the animated backdrop and the performance on stage. “The integration of advanced technology and the sound effects of bringing to life 5,000 years of history was very touching and astounding. The entire performance spoke to my heart. And the program Ne Zha Churns the Sea left me the deepest impression,” Mrs. Su commented.

‘Pleasing to the eye and soul’

Creative Oil Painting Society of R.O.C. Chairman Lin Xianlang pronounced Shen Yun’s color selections as “pleasing to the eye and soul” when he attended Shen Yun’s matinee performance at the Taoyuan County Performance Center on March 23, 2014.

“I watch Shen Yun every year, including last year,” said Mr.Lin. He said he noticed that although Shen Yun’s performances were different every year, they are similar in that the color, costumes, and backdrops never fail to captivate him. “I am very intrigued by their costumes and accessories,” he said.

‘Colors have a positive impact’

As an artist, Mr. Lin says that Shen Yun’s colors are “simple, yet very colorful and pleasing to the eye. Their selections are representative of traditional Chinese culture, so it was very comfortable for us to watch,” he remarked.

Mr. Lin believes that Shen Yun’s color selections have a positive impact on the soul. “Beauty is appreciated by everyone, while gray or dark colors tend to make people unhappy. I believe that something like this (the bright colors in Shen Yun) will bring joy to everyone and uplift their spirits,” he said, adding that Shen Yun serves as an inspiration for fine artists.

“Shen Yun arranges various colors together which coordinate to provide a calming effect,” said Mr. Lin. “It makes us very comfortable and is truly a feast for the eyes. Most importantly, the colors are bright and uplifting.”

‘A feast of art’

On the afternoon of March 22, Lai Chuan-Chien, Taiwan’s national treasure in painting, watched Shen Yun’s performance with his family at Taoyuan County Performing Arts Center. Mr. Lai thought that evening allowed people’s souls to sublimate with its natural colors and lively background, which was full of creativity.

Mr. Lai saw Shen Yun’s performance seven years ago. This year he brought his family because he wanted to experience “the beauty of Shen Yun, which is a feast of art that one does not come across often.”

“The background animation is novel and full of creativity. The movements are continuous in and outside of the screen. It’s a breakthrough from any stage setup we are used to, very interesting and refreshing. The background it lively.” Mr. Lai believes that this innovation was very welcome by the audience.

Reporting by Frank Fang, Chen Yurou and Virginia Wu, and Hsin-Yi Lin

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