City Council Member: My Shen Yun Experience ‘Will Last Forever’

April 21, 2018

“It’s a pleasure being here this evening, and my wife and I are having a wonderful time. We just love the tradition, we love the dances, the color is incredible. Dazzling, dazzling costumes.”

“What I love about it is there’s a story behind every dance, and so if you follow the story, you understand what the dance is all about. We absolutely think it’s incredibly beautiful and the choreography is incredible as well.”

“The dancers are incredibly athletic. I think that they are amazing, and their moves are very fluid. … I can imagine the type of training that goes into being this kind of dancer.”

“The story line is incredible, also the choreography, and collaboration between the digital. I thought that was ingenious how [they] combined the digital aspect with the backdrop—I think that’s amazing.”

“Shen Yun music is inspiring. The different notes are inspiring. They collaborate so well with the dancers as well.”

“Obviously the musicians are doing a great job—we’re just so thankful that we’re able to be here this evening and share this part of the culture.”

“The Dafa story is amazing. … Certainly we hope the Falun Gong story and spirituality, you’re able to continue it in China. I know it’s difficult, and I wish the Chinese people could see these programs.”

“[Shen Yun’s] mission [of reviving traditional Chinese culture] is something that [people] should endorse, especially for the young people. I’m inspired by the young people that I see on stage, and I hope that [they’re] able to bring that to all of the people in China because you can’t lose culture. Culture is something that is a foundation I think of all countries.”

“It does [bring positive values], and it brings it in a fashion that is beautiful. It brings it in a fashion that I think inspires individuals to become part of the culture, and I think that it’s important.”

“The experience is absolutely inspiring for me. It’s something I know will last forever. I’m going to recommend that my children and my friends, whenever Shen Yun is being played, that they attend.”