CEO Finds Shen Yun ‘a Phenomenal Experience’

May 6, 2018

“This has been a phenomenal experience, my daughter who is with me is very interested in Asian culture, and we have very much enjoyed watching just the dancing and the artistry so far, and much about the culture.”

“I think it’s very well done, the music is phenomenal. Just the dancing, the choreography, the colors—we really enjoyed it very much.”

“The music works perfectly with it to make you feel very emotional. It’s very interesting, very nice.”

“[The soprano] was wonderful, that was absolutely wonderful, the message I thought was very, very good too—meaningful, … salvation and spirituality, … God and the Creator. And don’t forget that with everything else going on around the world, don’t forget about that part, may we always remember.”

“I’m very amazed [with the dancing], they’re very talented, extremely talented. You have 20,30,40 people all doing the exact same thing, but then different, but it all comes together. The dancing is very wonderful.”

“It has been a really good experience. When you see them, you watch them, they’re smiling the whole time and just how they’re trying to perform and deliver the message to you through their movements. It’s been really good to see—very powerful!”

“It’s been really good with some of the older dynasties and some of the older culture. It’s been really neat to see how it’s progressed, all the way up through how old it was and things that have changed all the way through. I personally like the part about when the original Creator came in, in the chariot, and he came down, that was kind of neat, at the very beginning.”