Brand Strategist Blown Away by Shen Yun’s Beauty

March 31, 2018

“[Shen Yun] was beautiful, I was blown away.”

“The background and how the dancers would just sort of jump out at you, and the costumes, everything was so inspirational, and working in a creative field, really beautiful.”

“I’m more in tune to the little nuances, the way the movements and the way the music match up. … I think it’s like the way that the music [has] moments of energy to it, there are bursts of energy and then there are moments of really soothing [sounds].”

“There is so much to learn [about Chinese culture], such a great history—it is very intriguing.”

“I was really inspired. It was mostly inspirational. I felt the colors, the costumes, the way that everything comes together, really symbiotic in a way, and it’s a celebration of cultures—which I love.”