Writer Resonates with Shen Yun’s Cultural Values

February 5, 2017

“I absolutely loved it. It was spectacular. There was so much visual beauty, and the music was marvelous. I loved every minute of it … it was great.”

“One of the things that stood out was hearing about how important it is to preserve and communicate Chinese culture. There seems to be, on the part of the performers and the narrators, just a tremendous love of doing this. So that really came across, how much they love their culture, and want to keep it alive, and want people to know it.”

“The culture is very rich. Religion is an important part of the culture, part of national identity. The values of truth and freedom, and beauty in some of the songs that were sung, Iiving toward a higher purpose was something that came through. Everything is very symbolic. Everything means something.”

“The second act where it talked about coming from the Creator, and going back to the Creator. It seemed that even in the midst of really difficult times, there is still … that’s part of the human spirit, I don’t think you can beat that down. You can’t kill it.”