Violinist Loves Shen Yun Music: ‘It makes me feel very calm, wonderful’

April 12, 2018

“I loved the orchestra. They are very good. I love the music. I loved the precision. I loved the backlighting, I loved the costumes and the colors, the grace and beauty – everything. It makes me feel very calm – wonderful.”

“I was [very interested in seeing] the violins, and the trumpets, and everything – all the musicians. I liked that. Very professional.”

“I felt like I was floating on a cloud listening to the music and seeing the dancers. I was thinking, ‘I want to go there; I want to be in their heaven. I want to be in their paradise.’”

“The stories … I didn’t know about all those different types of things, but I feel sorry for the Chinese people that their freedoms are restricted, and I can see why the people want to pass on that information to everyone because I feel saddened by that. China could be a good, progressive country, but [instead] it is a dictatorship – very cruel.”

“[The theme was like this:] all people who do good will get a reward. That’s what I think. … Live a good life, and you’ll be rewarded.”