Theatergoer Enjoys the Spirituality of Traditional Chinese Culture

April 8, 2018

“I enjoyed [the performance] very much. It was wonderful.”

“[I experienced] a much greater appreciation for Chinese culture, dance and art. I had no idea.”

“[The spirituality] surprised us, and pleasantly so. We are church-going Christians, and we very much enjoyed the spiritual part of the presentation.”

“[The vocal soloists’ words] resonated with me. It showed me a similarity between the faith of many Chinese and our faith — a universal message.”

“I thought the synchronization, accuracy, and the precision of the orchestra with the dancers was wonderful.”

“I learned [about traditional Chinese culture] from reading the Program Book. I was trying to draw the comparison of Chinese dance as the origin of gymnastics, and martial arts forms, and the strength and fitness required, and the precision and dedication that must go into the performances.”

“God works in mysterious ways, and I had no idea that there’d be a spiritual element to this. I was hoping for a really pleasant dance and culture experience, and it was more than that.”

“I enjoyed the references to the harm done by the communist party to Chinese culture. I very much enjoyed their overt resistance to Chinese communism very much.”

“Absolutely, [Shen Yun brings something good to humanity]. I think for us as Americans, it shows us that there are wonderful people everywhere, and we need to resist stereotyping another culture as hostile to ours and not something that we should draw closer to. We’re all made in the image of God.”

“I would absolutely recommend this to people I go to church with and to people who would want to know more about Chinese dance, Chinese culture, and a universal longing for God.”

“A wonderful and pleasantly surprising experience. I expected a show and received much more than that.”