‘The talent is just unbelievable,’ County Supervisor Says

April 12, 2018

“Outstanding. The talent is just unbelievable. This is the first time that I’ve been here. In fact, I brought my staff with me. They just love it. It’s just absolutely outstanding, and I think it’s really the culture. The Chinese culture is just phenomenal.”

“The art, the dancing, and the culture, and the stories behind the dancing I think are really fantastic, including the different ethnic groups that have been displayed. I think they’re really outstanding.”

“The Mongolian [dance] was the last one that we saw [‘Lofty Spirits on the Grasslands’]. All that is phenomenal, and the picturesque stories [behind it], it’s just absolutely gorgeous.”

“[The orchestra is] absolutely fantastic. I think the orchestra just gives it that feeling of being there. One of the things that I really enjoyed was the singer. He was really outstanding, and [I liked] the beautiful scenes behind about going to heaven.”

“I think the lyrics were fantastic. I could read it very [well]. I know it’s in Chinese, but also it was in English, so the interpretation was just fantastic.”

“I think it’s an excellent [performance]. … I would recommend it to anybody. I think it’s really, not only for us but for the entire family, and the community will enjoy it.”

“I think it’s a cultural thing. I think it’s important that we have the two cultures here. We have the American culture, and the Chinese culture kind of interacting, and I think that’s extremely important.”