Television Writer Likes Combination of Dance and Cultural Education

April 16, 2018

“I like it a lot. It’s great.”

“I really liked the dance. I don’t know much about Chinese culture or Chinese dance, so it’s nice to learn and see.”

“I think [the dancing] is great. I think it’s beautiful. … The one with long sleeves, I really like the style of it. I liked the last one with the chopsticks.”

“I think it’s beautiful. I think the colors and fashion are really nice.”

“I like that it’s a live orchestra. I think the music sounds really nice.”

“It’s nice [the emcees] come out and narrate it, and they tell the stories.”

“I feel relaxed [from the music].”

“It’s really nice to watch the dance and to learn about the culture, and the two combined as a way to learn something is interesting.”