Soprano’s Voice Gave Me Goosebumps, Says Theatergoer

January 24, 2018

“I think it was incredible. There’s a lot of talent on stage and I really like how the dancers would flip and they would land like a feather. They were just so gentle with that, which is really impressive.”

“[The soprano] was incredible. I had goosebumps all over my body. She was really talented. … [Her voice was] angelic, and yet so powerful. I just wanted to hear the voice and feel it and experience it for what it was.”

“The music was spectacular—just these beautiful sounds that I don’t hear all the time.”

“A lot of the [dance movements] I was seeing, I actually didn’t know came from [classical Chinese dance], so it was very amazing to watch. They’re very intricate movements, very talented people. It was a great show.”

“The things that [Falun Dafa, the traditional Chinese self-improvement practice depicted in the performance] stands for, I find it really appealing to me—the harmony, the peace, the love, all the meditation in the culture.”

“[The erhu was] beautiful. When I read about how it was the closest instrument to the human voice, then I was really paying attention. I closed my eyes at one point and I could almost hear the instrument singing. It was really nice, very expressive.”

“I feel elation [after seeing Shen Yun]—just glad I came. … I would definitely recommend it.”