Shen Yun’s Vibrant Colors, Digital Backdrops Dazzle Artist

March 11, 2018

“I’m a concept artist. I’m a painter—video games. I work for a game company.”

“Oh! I loved it. Artistically, it was beautiful. The use of color was really vibrant. That blew me away.”

“It was very well lit. The costumes were really well-choreographed, visually, especially the tangerine-colored dresses, and the skirts are so beautiful.”

“The solo erhu performance was really beautiful. … It was really impressive.”

“My take-away [spiritual message] was harkening back to more traditional values and more traditional times.”

“I liked what they did with the backgrounds [animated digital backdrops] where they jump in and out. That was really well done. … It’s very fine timing. It’s very impressive.”