Shen Yun’s ‘Orchestra Is Fabulous,’ Pianist Says

April 23, 2018

“The orchestra is fabulous. I’m really impressed. I get goose pimples just listening to the orchestra is amazing, hearing every instrument. … That was the prettiest music.”

“The colors are vibrant. I love the bright colors. It’s really amazing.”

“[The spirituality] was interesting. … We saw something we can relate to. It spoke of God. It kind of pulled everything together.”

“God gives us the talent to do beautiful things like this, to create the backgrounds, to write the music, the man who did this had to be blessed by a God. He’s amazing. He did everything here, this D.F.”

“To me, all these people in here, including ourselves, should be so grateful that God … created all these beautiful things. The materials of the costumes, the wonderful, beautiful people that are in it, they are all so talented. It’s amazing.”

“I would be speechless to speak to [D.F.], … such a talented person. It’s hard to believe that he could create this whole story, write the music, everything. It blows your mind.”

“I would thank him for bringing this for us to see.”