Shen Yun Soprano’s Technique Was Perfect, Musician Says

April 18, 2018

“[The soprano’s] vocals were awesome. And it impressed me that, the way we work on our vocals, with the American-taught way, it is so different from what I heard her doing it. She did it so perfectly. She never wavered, every note was clear. And you got the feeling. She just put all the feelings into it—it was amazing.”

“We had to look down into the pit because it [the music] was so perfect that we wondered if it was pre-recorded. It was just beautiful—it was perfect.”

“Everything was just gorgeous. I am very impressed.”

“To me, you feel the music. You don’t just hear the music—you feel the music. And especially if it is depicting a story, and you have a feeling, and you can almost hear that story without the words being spoken at all. That’s amazing.”