Shen Yun ‘Made Me Feel at Peace,’ Company President Says

April 8, 2018

“[Shen Yun] is excellent. … The dancers are great. The music is great. I think the [digital] backdrops are wonderful. It is just really well done.”

“I think people are cheating themselves for not coming to see it. It is an excellent performance. And I really appreciate being here.”

“I am here for our 12th [wedding] anniversary. … So this is our way of celebrating tonight.”

“The dancing is excellent, … it’s got a lot of colors. And the costumes are great. It is just a great experience.”

“I think [the dancers] are great. They are very talented. I think they got a lot of energy.”

“[The soprano] is beautiful, … really well done—the message was incredible. I think it can relate to all the audience … I think it’s just the peace, just the whole idea of we need to make sure we are all taking care of each other. Basically, that’s a God-like message. It was a beautiful message for everybody to relate to.”

“[The music] was beautiful. It gave me a serene feeling and very peaceful. So I appreciate that, … it made me feel very at peace.”