Shen Yun is Outstanding, Artist Says

March 26, 2018

“Visually outstanding, the colors were terrific, the costumes beautiful. Just very very nice, very enjoyable.”

“I loved (the dancing). They are so talented to do it altogether [in sync]. It’s amazing, really amazing.”

“I love to have the emcees. I read the pamphlet first to sort of put myself in place. Having the emcees telling us about it is very very good. You could see the story in the dance after you kind of knew what’s going to happen, you could see the story come through.”

“I loved the stories, but then as an artist you have to have stories in your painting. Whatever artistic movements you have, whether it’s dance, paint, you have to have emotion and storyline in there.”

“I loved it. I was absolutely pleased with the whole show. I just thought it was outstanding.”