Shen Yun Is Educational for Us All and a Great Tradition

March 25, 2018

“I loved the costumes. They do a beautiful job of integrating the dancers with the background and moving them in and out. Beautiful, so beautiful [the traditional side of Shen Yun], and it’s such a great tradition. The … Buddhist traditions, and the old kind of spiritual traditions, it’s all important for the people, and I liked to see it.’

“It’s absolutely dreadful [the suppression of traditions by the communist government]. It’s a horrible thing to have happen. I’m sad for the people of China. It’s a good idea [Shen Yun presenting these traditions to the public]. It really is educational for all of us Americans, because I don’t think we know either how wonderful the old traditions are, [and] how much they’re being suppressed now. So, it’s a good education for all of us.”

“The variety is interesting, from the comic to the serious, the singing to the dancing, it’s nice to see the whole-wide spread.”