Shen Yun Is ‘A Very Educational Combination of Music, Dance, History, Culture’

February 17, 2018

“I love it. This was my Christmas present from my husband.”

“I’ve been wanting to see the show for many years, and I finally got to. It’s wonderful. It’s a great show.”

“We got great seats, we were up close, and we were immersed right up in the middle of it. I’m learning a little bit about the culture and the history too, which is very interesting.”

“I’m really enjoying it.”

“The music is terrific. I love being close to the orchestra. It’s been great, a great show.”

“I would say that it is a very educational combination of music, dance, history, culture … the spiritual aspect, all packed into one, story telling, very, very different than anything I’ve seen before. I really liked it.”

“I would definitely recommend it. I think as Americans we have a lot to learn about other countries’ cultures and China certainly is one of them.”