Shen Yun Dance Story Gives Journalist Goosebumps

April 1, 2018

“The spectacle was very incredible because it’s a performance about China’s cultures.”

“I was born in Venezuela. We had the situation of repressions, the same as in China. I think very highly of the performance because [the performers] represent liberty, freedom, and [traditional Chinese] culture.”

“The dancing was incredible. … The music is delicate. … The animation [digital backdrop] was incredible. … Everything is beautiful.”

“The instrument, the pipa—it was incredible, the sound. … [The erhu] is magnetic.”

“The choreography and the scenography were incredible!”

“Goosebumps came out when there was a wedding [the dance story ‘Devotion’]. She was marrying a man who was very poor. … It was incredible for me.”