Shen Yun an Insight Into Tradition and Culture for Adelaide Theatregoers

April 30, 2017

“It [Shen Yun] was great, it was a really lovely night.”

“All the little things come together, from the footwork to the sound to the lighting, a bit of everything, everything makes the show what it is.”

“The stories were good, it’s good to touch base on some of the culture that I’m not familiar with, … it’s interesting to still hear that and the tradition keeps on. The culture is still strong after many years, thousands of years, and I guess the battles of the culture are still going till today. … just how the Falun Dafa people are still I guess under some sort of attack from the non-believers.”

“I just learned more about the culture and the dance and the traditional music and movements and I guess how it’s really created.”