Rhode Island Real Estate Developer Loves Shen Yun

February 11, 2018

“I love Shen Yun—it is great. What I find fascinating is the cultural stories that are sort of lost now, that you don’t hear from China. And it is sort of disappointing that you couldn’t see this in China.”

“I think it [their effort] is admirable. I am glad. Don’t want to lose the history. Spread the word. I think it is great.”

“I like the theatrics of the dancers jumping into the screen [digital backdrop], and then coming back out of the screen onto the stage. I think that is fascinating.”

“I think what I learned is that, I didn’t realize that in current-day China, that this is not something that’s embraced as the history of China … the government of China maybe isn’t embracing the history. So I was surprised by that.”

“I just think they are very talented. They are beautiful dancers.”

“The message that there is the Creator, and you got to think about something beyond your current day life, that you are gonna try to get somewhere higher and better. But those doors are closing. So you got to live to those ideals.”