Professional Singer: Shen Yun Orchestra ‘Absolutely Stunning’

May 11, 2017

“She’s incredible [the soprano], absolutely incredible the singer.”

“It was incredible, I think it is one of the best orchestra I’ve heard in my life. It was absolutely stunning.”

“I saw posters all over music stores in the area so I was interested and one of my student’s parents told me that I should come, so I did.”

“Absolutely [inspired], I think whenever you hear musicians that are so talented it makes you want to go home and practice.”

“I think for me, I was impressed … the orchestra tours with them, obviously. It makes it so much better of a performance because I think they’re used to what the dancers are doing. And there’s that synchronization that I don’t think you would get otherwise. Other than that I was so impressed by how it sounded bigger than it was. It sounded like I was at the MET watching some huge performance and the orchestra was much smaller than I thought in my brain. But they sounded so much bigger from their technique and their just incredible playing abilities.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen something as synchronized as the orchestra and the dance were together, the amount of time put into rehearsing that and developing such a beautiful show. As a musician, I understand what that takes and I understand the effort that it takes to be so talented at your instrument and so flawless. So to me it’s inspiring when you walk away, especially as an artist, when you walk away from something so artistically stunning, perfected. To watch [that Shen Yun] actually obtained what we all strive to do as artists — you’re humbled.”