Physician Returns to See Shen Yun for the Sheer Delight

And Wonderful Feeling
February 9, 2018

“It’s absolutely phenomenal This is our second time seeing it. And we were very excited to come back and see it again!”

“Just the sheer delight of it all! The wonderful feeling that you get watching it, and all the beautiful colors and the excitement and there’s no show quite like it! it’s not like any other dance performance I’ve ever seen!

“I grew up in the world of dance, studying dance as a young child. And this performance is something that’s so unique—you can’t find anything like that anywhere else. It’s just amazing.”

“I think there are some definite universal messages about spirituality, and why we are here together on this earth, and what our purpose really is. And how easy it is to get distracted from those from those ideals.”

“Besides just beauty, excitement and entertainment, some introspection, and a lot of gratitude that I am here in the United States, and that I don’t have to travel halfway around the world to express myself, or express my religion and feel safe doing it.”