Photographer Fascinated by Shen Yun’s Digital Backdrops

May 7, 2017

“I loved it. I thought it was very colorful, very beautiful, very graceful. It was wonderful.”


“I was fascinated by the way they handled the digital [backdrops]. They blended the digital backgrounds with the foregrounds. I have not seen that before. … I thought it was a very interesting effect and very well done.


“[The erhu] was beautiful. Honestly, it looked like she was playing the air with her fingers. I couldn’t see exactly where [or] how she was touching the strings, but I loved the sound of it. It is so graceful and beautiful. … There is a certain sadness to it, I think. There’s a sadness and a poignancy to the sound of that instrument. It’s haunting, it’s beautiful.”


“I just loved the costumes. I loved the contrasting colors—the pinks and the greens—and that beautiful dance with the white flowing dresses and the blue tunics that were all sparkled and diamond. It was beautiful.”

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