Norman Schueler OAM Appreciates Shen Yun Bringing Traditional Chinese Culture to Adelaide

April 29, 2017

“I thought the show was very colourful, and done with a great deal of precision. It was great that you’re bringing Chinese culture to South Australia and it is by seeing this cultural, by greater cultural understanding that we bring countries together.”

“The orchestra were playing with a great deal of precision and it would be interesting to hear them in their own right without a performance around them.”

“The dance was beautiful, very, very colourful and depicted the scenes very, very accurately. Everything that involved the photographic backdrop was of a high class. That was a very high precision and enhanced the show very much.”

“The traditions and the culture shone through, and they stand the test of time. I think everyone knows that Chinese culture is the oldest culture in the world, and that we can all draw lessons from it. And if one adheres to one’s traditions and one’s culture, it makes obviously for a longer life and a great dynasty. Placing human values high, of honesty and respect, and being truthful to one another. That way, you don’t leave any doubts.

“South Australia is known as the multicultural capital of Australia and we appreciate people taking trouble to bring their culture to South Australia. Thank you for coming to Adelaide.”