Learning Through Shen Yun

January 1, 2018

“It was gorgeous, we were mesmerized how they came in and out of the screen [animated backdrops], it was so seamless, it was amazing. And I loved how when the dancers came closer to the front, they just lit up with the bright colors and the spotlights on them.”

“It was very interesting … how we were told [by emcees] before [each piece] how there were stories, like how to be brave like the Monkey King, be faithful, to stick to your dreams, and to follow what you feel is right.”

“Now we can go home [with the kids] and we can talk about some of the things where in a child’s mind they pick up on a few little things and now we can take some of that and the colors and the image of everyone dancing in the stories, and we can talk about what that means, and we can look it up … We can do some research, we can learn more, how they can stand up for themselves [a reference to some of the storylines in the dances].”

“[It’s] very fitting to begin a new year with following goals and dreams.”