Investor Reaffirms His Belief About Heaven After Seeing Shen Yun

January 11, 2018

“I do love the show. It actually shows me a different perspective on the reality of the world.”

“I have always wondered about the Far East and its culture and its ancient history all the way through the current … It is very impressive.”

“The baritone has been very impressive. I really enjoy the depth of the commitment that he shows in his song.”

“It is difficult to take that away when the people feel a higher being, it is hard for the government [in China] to take away the beliefs.”

“[The erhu performance ] was fantastic. I have never heard anything quite as pretty … It evoked many emotions. Very many emotions.”

“It took me on a journey that was transcendental … Very enlightening.”

“There is a heaven above … [the performance] just reaffirms what I believe, more than I ever believe it before.”

“It wants me to be a better person. A much better person.”