Interior Designer Soothed by Peaceful, Relaxing Energy of Shen Yun

April 15, 2018

“It’s lovely, very artistic, very beautiful. Beautiful colors, beautiful effects, very enlightening, and lovely representation of the Chinese culture.”

“It’s so light, it’s so beautiful, and yet it’s based on their history and their traditions, so it’s nice to see.”

“It has the softness of the Chinese culture, which I always admire.”

“I think the values in all cultures should be revived, … good morals, faith, all those things should remain with us, because in the end, it’s all we have.”

“We need to have stronger ties with our faith to be able to survive this life and to be able to enjoy it more as well. That’s the message.”

“I think the music is lovely. I think that they are doing a very good job. I also love the commentators [emcees]. I think that keeps you very much involved with what’s going on.”

“[When listening to the music] I feel nice. I feel relaxed. I find it very soothing.”

“I meditate. The energy [from Shen Yun] is peaceful. It’s exactly what meditation is. It’s about living with a little more of a mindful mindset to things. I think it helps. It’s good, this is good. I think this is why you have great attendance. We all need it.”

“I think it’s a beautiful show to see, and I think it is great for the entire family. I would like to take my son with his wife, and I even think it’s a good thing for children.”

“The costumes are beautiful. … Lovely, lovely color, lovely combinations and they are very in tune with the backdrops, which are the colors of the blossoms and the landscape. All of that is beautiful, the fashion, the whole thing is lovely.”

“I’m very glad I’m here.”