‘God Was a Big Part’ of Shen Yun, Former Ballerina Says

April 8, 2018

“Oh, the beauty. The choreography is beautiful, beautiful!”

“The choreography is amazing. And I’m very impressed with how synchronized they are; not one person [was] out of line. You know that’s a rare feature in a show these days. So I’m very impressed by all of it.”

“I love the stories—very powerful; easy to understand. I did enjoy the interpretation [male and female emcees] in both languages [English and Chinese], because I enjoy hearing the Chinese language. But it was just very well done.”

“It is very spiritual. For me, God was a big part of the show for me.”

“I believe God gives us the gifts of dance, music, and arts to express Him. It’s all a gift from Him.”

“I have a strong faith. I believe in God. … I have the [idea that] we’re going to be in heaven one day. And our purpose is to live for God and do what’s right in life, and to grow, and please Him – and one day all be in heaven together.”