Former Professional Dancer ‘Blown Away’ By Shen Yun’s Talent

May 17, 2018

“I was so excited to be able to come here. I just doff my hat to everybody in this show; the whole thing was just mind blowing.”

“It was so enriching, beautiful in every way—the costumes, the choreography, the staging, the CGI that you had blending with the live performance, the musicians, the orchestration, the arrangements—everything.”

“It enriches me because it is just connecting very deep with me, because I can sense the history of the origins of the classical dance in China.”

“I look at the co-existing of everything together, we should harmonize together, and there is an awful lot of negative, horrible things [in this world], yet there’s a lot of beauty, and we must promote a lot of the beauty and support one another and reach out and harmonize and keep these things going, because we need all this as well.”

“I wanted to stand up and just give you a standing ovation.  … I just felt so mesmerised, blown away with the talent, with the creativity, with the dedication, with the whole collaboration, everyone coming together.”

“They were so incredible, they really were. The elegance, the grace, the athleticism … they were so together.”

“It made me feel so elated and excited. … It is a show like nothing else … a standout show that is phenomenal, it really is, so phenomenal.”

“I just want to do it all again if I could. I just want to see [the performance] again and again now.”