Former Director of French Local Authority Touched by Spirituality in Shen Yun

March 21, 2017

“I wanted to say that the show was marvellous, full of poetry and magical extravaganza; and I recommend to all those that can see the show to see it without any reservation; and I would like to congratulate the whole company for the marvellous show that they have given us today.”

“[I was touched] by all the spirituality that there is in each of the pieces, the harmony and the serenity that emanate from the show, and the sheer beauty of all that is presented such as the country, the language, the beliefs, the traditions.”

“[I felt a lot of spirituality] firstly in the religion, faith—faith in one’s people, in the country, and the beliefs. That’s something really very strong, one can feel it in the movement and the communication with the audience.”

“The tremendous energy, the joy of living—so much joy of living—all this must not be lost.”