Former Ballet Dancer: Shen Yun Dancers are Excellent

April 17, 2017

“It’s absolutely wonderful. It’s beautiful, the dances [are] spectacular, the costumes are lovely, everybody’s graceful and talented, and they jump high and spin – it’s wonderful.” 


“I think they are excellent, and they’re well-trained. I know that because I was a ballet dancer, and I knew the training.” 


“I think [classical Chinese dance] is lovely; it allows us to see something that we might not normally see. We do have some modern dance that incorporates some of the Chinese steps in it in the United States, but I think it’s wonderful to have the two cultures.” 


“A lot of times their hands are bent in a particular way; it reminds me of Thai dancing. It’s very open as opposed to more like a swan, [which] is more American and Russian.” 


“I think the choreography is wonderful, and I love all the jumps and athleticism.” 


“[The music] is lovely. It goes right along with the ballet. I thought it was very interesting when [the soprano] was singing because the piano [accompaniment] also has a special sound which is very Chinese.”


“[The lyrics] were lovely. I thought it was very spiritual. It’s a lovely afternoon.”