Former Ambassador Says Shen Yun Can Connect Nations

April 25, 2017

“One can see such a quality work, high skills, and it’s really very interesting to have a walk through the past of China and to see the ancient dances. … It’s a very valuable experience for all of us to know much more about Chinese culture.”

“In general, cultures are born believing in the divine. They are all born believing in God that gave us life, and from there, they develop a whole very important tradition. In this case, this is reflected in the dances, the connection between the person and the divine. There is that connection … that reveals the importance of the depth of the soul to perform the dances.”

“The teaching is the connection, … that is, not to keep ourselves in a box in a culture that we know, but be able to see that in other parts of the world, there is such an ancient tradition. And that is widening, let’s say, the possibility to connect with other regions, with other cultures, with other civilizations.”

“This is a quite an important recommendation. I think the work this group does is valuable—to go around the world showcasing a culture … and the way to convey this in dance. This is very important. It’s through culture, through art, that [Shen Yun artists] create this interrelation between the nations.”