Fire Dancer Says Shen Yun a ‘Beautiful Display of Human Grace’

May 11, 2017

“I loved it. It’s amazing, absolutely incredible. Absolutely synchronized. Very impressive.”

“I thought it [the choreography] was dynamic, beautiful, very graceful and powerful.”

“The divine beings just expressing movement, and their collective movement, it is like they were one entity. I really like that.”

“I love the little head pieces they wear. Lots of shimmering, shiny and the way they interacted with their costumes. I like how they took the costume element into the choreography, very cool.”

“I laughed and I cried. Very inspired—I’d love to use this performance as an inspiration for my own projects respectfully, just to use that energy to represent the potential of what a group of dancers can do with or without fire.”

“Definitely the deep emotion, the levels, I love how some are going low, some are jumping, expanding, contracting, and constant movement, when it does get to a still moment, it’s all about the emotion and impression, the picture you are left with, and then it changes really fast.”

“I would call it a beautiful display of human grace. One of the best shows I’ve seen in my life. I hope for the best for the dancers. I hope they have fun doing it. They look like they enjoy it. And they’ve made a lasting impression on me.”

“[Shen Yun] touched me. The human’s potential to create beauty is so profound. We should all seek to do that, to create beauty in the world, that is meaningful, to bring people together.”