Figure Skating Coach Wishes Every Member of Her Team Were at Shen Yun

March 25, 2018

“I thought it was wonderful. It was very inspiring. There was so much to see. I am trying to think about all the different routines and everything, from the choreography to the set design to the action going from one scene to another, and the background [digital backdrop].”

“Amazing dancers—the precision in the dance was beyond belief. They were so connected, like one. Their unison, their lines, their formations were spot-on.”

“I have taught synchronized skating teams. … I am really seeing the lines and every movement—from the hand gestures to the head movements—were perfection. Absolutely beautiful.”

“I am so inspired. I am excited. I cannot wait until the next [figure- skating] practice. I wish every member of my team could be here.”

“[The performance] just gave me some ideas as far as formations, arm movements—the arms were beautiful—head gestures, and things like that.”

“I learned a lot about the culture as well. … I thought that was really interesting and inspiring. … I am enlightened—let’s put it that way.”

“[The performance] is about being a good person and doing the right thing, and just being a true, pure, good person. …”

“I’d like to see it again because there was so much. I was trying to take everything in, and there was just too much to take in, in one performance.”