‘Every single bit of it was excellent’

January 8, 2018

“It was very impressive. Their commitment to their craft, it’s really striking. They did an amazing job. I also loved how the background came alive. It’s really well done.”

“Every single bit of it was excellent, excellent! And I’ve been to a lot of shows, a lot of performances over the years, and this one I won’t forget. It was amazing.”

“The fact that they cannot see [in China] what we just saw in there is disheartening. I mean, it’s beautiful. It depicted so much of their heritage; I wish that they could see this.”

“It’s definitely the top notch entertainment. … Honestly, in just a couple of hours, it showed so much of the history that we didn’t learn in school. I think I saw a lot of young people there, saw a lot of families with their small children, and I’ve just felt blessed by that. I thought, how wonderful that they get to experience this.”

“If [my friends] don’t get to see it, I would have to say to them, very, very sorry they missed it, because this was rewarding from the beginning to the end. The beauty of it all and their expertise in their performances, it just kept a smile on my face.”