City Councilor Feels Recharged at the Shen Yun Orchestra Concert

September 27, 2017

“The performance this afternoon is like an aesthetic feast. I believe every audience should be very delighted to see it.” 

“I felt being recharged, and was ready to restart again.”

“Not only are Western instruments and traditional Chinese instruments not in conflict with each other, but they also produce a very good resonant effect. This is something unique about Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra.”

“With the addition of the pipa and the erhu, the music is very different because it seems to narrate ancient stories.

“Shen Yun music has positive energy so that it can make its audience feel uplifted with hope.”

“I know that every musician is very skilled. Though they are from different parts of the world, they are very famous in the international arena. It’s our blessing to have such a famous orchestra performing in Kaohsiung.”