CEO Learns From Shen Yun for Personal Growth

'I should apply what I have learned into running my business'
March 14, 2018

“I have seen [Shen Yun] numerous times. … Every time I see it, I do get something out of it. And after going home, I would want to do some reading and research.”

“With how well traditional Chinese culture is preserved in Taiwan, I didn’t think I would need to learn more from [Shen Yun.] … So I am just very touched that seeing [the performance] allows me to learn more.”

“Shen Yun has demonstrated what is perfect teamwork, … if my company could have this kind of team spirit, everything would be possible.”

“So what Shen Yun has taught me, besides helping my personal growth, is that I should apply what I have learned into running my business.”

“Things from our ancestors, the roots of our [traditional Chinese] culture—these are missing in our education today. So I think Shen Yun is completing the missing parts of our education.”