CEO Enjoys Shen Yun’s Vibrant Colors

April 5, 2018

“It was very good. I really liked the spinning handkerchiefs [“Soaring Handkerchiefs” vignette]. That was really good.”

“We appreciate all the [dancers’] movements.”

“The visuals were great — how they took the people and put them into the [digital projection] was cool — [for example], with the archery [“Archery in Another Dimension” vignette]. They did the digital work really well.”

“The vibrant colors were wonderful.”

“[The ‘Devotion’ vignette] was one of my favorites. I liked that one because devotion is important for a couple. We’ve been married 22 years, and we love each other like the day we met, so it reminded me of us.”

“Get a ticket, and go see it.”