Architect Says ‘Shen Yun is like a divine song’

April 9, 2017

“Shen Yun is like a divine song. A divine music, so it’s from heaven so that’s how I feel. Listening to the music is like getting to you, you can feel it getting to the inner side of you and that was a great feeling, that was really good, relaxing. It’s there. I cannot just express it, it’s just there and you hear the music and you absorb the music inside of you and you start loving it and you understand how this music has been made based on the … it’s like, I cannot express it. but otherwise it’s just really nice hearing all this music.” 


“[Shen Yun] was great. I was really amazed with the performance. It was really fulfilling and I started learning the Chinese culture as well and thank you for coming into Auckland. I’m very, very lucky [to be] part of Shen Yun’s 10th anniversary.”


“I really appreciate you guys come here and show all your diversity of your culture and from the origin of Chinese art and up to the present, so that’s really, really good. I appreciate it.”