Accountant Enjoys the Values Portrayed by Shen Yun

January 20, 2018

“Very, very good, very talented actors. And the [backdrops] are fantastic.

“The dancers are very talented, their timing is terrific. [They are] very fit and beautiful.”

“Love the music. Absolutely, love it. I feel inspired and relaxed, I am finding a lot of it very calming.”

“The stories are very interesting, I’m finding that side of the [performance] very interesting, so love it.”

“They’re [Shen Yun] doing a very good job [in reviving the traditional Chinese culture on stage.] I think that Chinese culture is such an important thing, it’s wonderful that they’re keeping it alive.”

“The values they are [portraying] are relevant to all societies. If we kept all of those values, life would be a lot better.”