Accomplished Composer: Shen Yun is ‘Visually Satisfying,’ ‘Thought Provoking’

April 17, 2017

“It’s always great to see a live orchestra, and the energy and caliber of the musicianship is very high. I really enjoyed that. … [The music] covers a range of emotions.”

“It’s very interesting to see traditional Chinese dance. It’s nice to see a variety of cultural representations.”

“[Chinese dance] is very enjoyable. The costumes, the elegance of the movements, the synchronization, and large-scale [choreography] are very impressive.” 

“My favorite piece was the yellow flowers (“Yellow Blossoms” dance). It’s visually beautiful to see. Of course, the storytelling is an important part of it. The sleeves (“Han Dynasty Sleeves” vignette) also, the colors, the materials of the costumes, and all that enhanced the storytelling, and all was equally satisfying.” 

“Some of it is just pure aesthetic beauty, but also thought-provoking, of course. The history not only of the culture, but the modern struggles for freedom of religion, and all that makes it a very compelling story.”

“That [inspiration] is part of the reason why [I am] coming here to see the show. [I am] supportive of the principles of the freedom of expression and the importance of preserving the cultural history.”

“I brought my children here as well to expose them to other cultural experiences, something very meaningful, freedom of expression, and all that.”

“[Shen Yun is] visually satisfying, and intellectually interesting.”