‘You have to go see it,’ Says Business Owner

February 4, 2018

“The choreography was amazing. The dancers were on point for everything they did. The music was lovely. The costumes were absolutely amazing and vibrant, and they just flowed with the music very well.”

“Absolutely amazing. The [dancers] are very, very impressive. Like I said, you can tell they’re well-trained, and they spent a lot of hours going over the choreography, because they were very [well-coordinated] with each other.”

“The [costumes] were incredible, absolutely incredible. Enjoyed it.”

“The long sleeves, that was gorgeous, because they just functioned as extensions of their arms as though they were ribbons. It was amazing, very, very elegant. I enjoyed that one.”

“It was educational as well as entertaining … learning more about the history, where the stories came from. Even just the origins of the dancing and the style of the dancing was really interesting for me to learn about.”

“You have to go see it. If you enjoy the theater, if you enjoy Broadway, if you enjoy music and dancing, it’s definitely something someone should see.”