‘Visually Very Powerful,’ Businessman Says of Shen Yun

April 15, 2018

“It’s very, very interesting, visually very powerful. There’s a lot of subtlety… with facial expressions and the tilting of the head.”

“We noticed some kind of consistencies in the early dances, … a lot of subtlety in the use of the head, and hands, and arms. The more we focused on it, the more we could tell that there were a lot of intricacies that … we weren’t expecting at first.”

“The very flow of the show itself is very soothing and calming the way meditation is. So, I guess in that way, [the meditative quality’s] threaded throughout the performance.”

“For so long China was so closed to America … and we’re still, in the West, we still don’t understand China very well. So, this is something that is very basic and helpful for, I think, the average person to learn a little bit about the history of China. It’s a shame they can’t perform in China. I was surprised to hear that.”