‘There is a creative genius behind each of these vignettes,’ Says Theatergoer

March 27, 2017

“The first thing that came to mind is that there is really a creative genius behind each one of these vignettes that we’ve seen — like the drums (“Tibetan Drums”) that we just saw. … and all the ladies with the flowers (“Yellow Blossoms” dance); that was fantastic. You have to be really clever to do that, and well trained.”

“It’s uplifting. With all the things that are going on today in the country, and all the bad feelings, to come and see something like this, it enhances your spirit. You feel better about things. My wife and I were chatting a bit, and she said, ‘It really makes you feel good; I’m glad we came to see this.’ It’s something everyone should see at least once.”

“[I find it interesting] how the Chinese look at life and nature; it has a nice, clean, refreshing feeling about it. They were joyful about it. We’ve lost that part in our lives, I think.”

“I didn’t know there’d be so much diversity in it. … When they bring [the modern day oppression of Falun Gong] into it, it’s kind of [bringing in] a sense of reality of what’s really going on. That’s the beauty of the program. It has meaning.”

“I would recommend it. … when I go home, I’m going to send out some emails. … These are really talented people.” 

“What a great job you folks (Shen Yun performers) are doing. There’s another aspect of this – they do a lot of shows. It’s got to be very hard physically and mentally to do it this well all the time. There’s something else I’ve noticed – I’ve seen no mistakes.”