Theatergoer Loves the ‘Tranquility and the Peaceful Message’ of Shen Yun

April 1, 2018

“It’s very interesting. The costuming and the dancing is very beautiful. I’m learning a little bit more about the Chinese history, which I find very fascinating.”

“I didn’t understand the controversy until now about communism and the different philosophies of living, and how they restrict certain types of spiritual beliefs.”

“The storytelling element with the patented backdrops is very effective.”

“I love the dancing. I love the dancers and the visuals to tell the story.”

“I love the expressions. It just shows that they’re emotionally connected to the pieces that they’re telling. I think the facial expressions are very important—because they are the storytellers.”

“My overall feeling is that I love the serenity and the music and the grace and the harmony. I think the feeling is very tranquil. The storytelling—I think it’s important to share it—but overall I love the music and the tranquility and the peaceful message in the story.”

“The orchestra is beautiful. I love the different instruments. There’s some unique instruments in there.”

“I love the ancient history and the old music, and just drawing that out. There’s something very spiritual about that, which I loved.”

“The costumes, the tradition, the interaction of the Gods and the people—I like that. There’s a fantasy part, and there’s that spiritual and that physical element.”