Theatergoer Delighted by the Beauty, Moved by the Persecution

April 1, 2018

“The performance is just wonderful—beautiful; the colors, the stories. This is our second year coming, and enjoying it. Bringing our family members to see it this year, we just had a great time. We enjoyed everything; the music, the orchestra.”

“[The depiction of Dafa practitioners being] persecuted for their beliefs and still being persecuted. That really really touches my heart. It’s sad, you know, but being close up [to the stage] I get to feel the emotions they portray.”

“[The backdrop] is amazing. The costumes are beautiful—colorful. … The colors of the backdrop, and everything is in sync.”

“The orchestra—because we were so close to the orchestra right there and hearing the music—it’s just very beautiful.”

“I definitely recommend it. I definitely recommend at least once to come to see it or every year, come to see it. I started coming last year. This year is my second year.”