Theater Professor: Shen Yun Is Theatrical and Inventive

April 23, 2017

“China is a big country, and I think it was great to show not only the cultural differences from the rural areas to the city areas, but also the historical aspects of it, from all the different dynasties and the different styles of dance. That was really great.”

“[Shen Yun] is very, very unique. I understand the spirituality of it, especially in the two vocalists … I think that’s very refreshing.”

“I loved the spectacle of it, the beauty of the dance, and especially the colors and the costumes, and how they used projections.”

“It was very theatrical, especially with the use of the costumes and the different props. I loved the handkerchief dance (“Handkerchiefs in Flight”), and of course the “Umbrellas” [dance], and the sleeves (“Han Dynasty Sleeves”) in the first act. I thought that was all really wonderful and very inventive.”

“[I] loved the monkey story (“Monkey King at Fire Mountain”). That was really fantastic. I thought the element of fantasy and that kind of historical aspect of the storytelling was really wonderful. And then the more contemporary aspects of the oppression, the suppression in 1999 of people, and the story of the orphan (“A Child’s Choice”); I thought it was an interesting mix.” 

“Even though it’s a communist system, it’s capitalism, but in terms of certain freedoms, perhaps freedom of religion, freedom of some expression, [China] isn’t like it is in other parts of the world, in other countries and cultures.”