‘The production was incredible,’ Video Producer Says

April 15, 2018

“I think the production was incredible. The production value is very high. It was unique because it combined traditional Chinese dance [with] modern elements like the projector and the digital aspects.”

“The colors were phenomenal. That was very beautiful wardrobe-wise. Everybody put it together very nicely. It was more than I expected even. It was nice.”

“I didn’t expect so much spirituality [in the production], but I learned a lot.”

“The music was the most powerful for me, the orchestra, the harp, all of the musical instruments together. [The erhu] was incredible. I had never heard that. I was mesmerized by how many sounds, how many beautiful rhythms I could hear from that instrument that I’d never even heard of, so it was beautiful. That’s when I felt the most spiritual.”

“[The feeling was] very majestic. Very spiritual. Very at ease; I was very relaxed throughout the entire performance.”

“It’s powerful and incredible that they are trying and striving so much to get the word out about what they believe in so strongly. No matter what that belief is, if you are so adamant in bringing that to light, and so devoted, that you would go to this extent, [and take] these measures to bring it out and express yourself, I think it’s beautiful.”

“I would 100 percent recommend this. It’s an amazing performance; it’s more than you would imagine with the beautiful wardrobe, the dance, the tradition, what you learn [from] the stories, the music, everything. It comes together so majestically.”