State Environment Regulator: Shen Yun’s Music Was So Beautiful

March 1, 2017

“I am very impressed with the energy and strength of the dancing. It is a very athletic style, strong synchronicity, great artistry, and great, and very graceful.”

“I would emphasize the very excellent dancing, and the colors, and just the high energy, and just the excitement of the performers and the performance. And the beautiful music. The music was so beautiful. And also, I like the screen. I thought that added a very nice dimension, I thought that was very nice, fun, you know, fun and exciting. … It is good for the whole family—it is a great family thing.”

“It is a very good example of Chinese culture, which I don’t see a lot, like the Chinese dancing. I don’t see much of that … so this is all very different from what we see mostly—it was exciting for that. “

“It would be very tragic to lose culture. Culture is very important. There are many efforts in this country also to revive certain types of culture. So as Americans, we understand this idea, and, yes, the very idea that such culture, such great culture, could be lost, would be a terrible loss, would be a loss for humanity.”