‘Shen Yun took me to another heaven on earth,’ Says Author

March 27, 2017

Jason Frahm, author, meditation teacher: 


“[I] love [Shen Yun.] It touches me, because I know a little about Falun Dafa, and all of what’s happening in China. So [I am] definitely a supporter for the rights of all Chinese people, [and] all people in the world.” 

Veronica Krestow, author, public speaker, and consultant:

“I love that nothing is stopping the tradition from moving forward even it’s (Shen Yun’s) not allowed in China. The fact that it’s doing so well in the states and so many people are here — it’s a full house — that brings me joy just knowing that tradition will go on and on, and keeps touching millions of people’s lives.” 

“[Shen Yun] is beautiful, so powerful.”

“The amazing thing about [Shen Yun] for me is seeing how so many different people come together with their unique piece, yet it creates one whole majestic experience. Every piece is woven together so perfectly that it really is one, although it’s many people performing, it’s like one performer. It’s gorgeous.” 

“I love the drums (“Tibetan Drums”) dance piece because it brought me hope and inspiration. And the piece about Laozi (“Bestowing the Tao”) was so beautiful. … It’s bringing me into the state of mindfulness. So I feel this [performance] is a spiritual experience.” 

“I love the presentation without words. The artistic pieces are really incredible, really surprising, and unique.” 

“I think our world needs more of this beauty, purity, and inspiration.” 

“The more people see a show like this, the more inspiration moves through them. And they’ll go out to the world and contribute and bring more beauty and bring more love. This is very important.”

“Thank you to Shen Yun performers; they are so beautiful and amazing. I appreciate them. I can’t even imagine how much work that has gone into the show. There is not a missed beat, not one mistake, which I don’t understand how that’s possible. They are all incredibly talented and brilliant. We are in the front row, and we don’t hear a sound when they land from these incredible leaps. It’s incredible.”

“Come to the show. Come to the show. You will be so happy that you did.”